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IRS Collections  & Examinations Representation

Our tax practitioners are federally authorized to help taxpayers with their tax problems. We  battle the IRS, halting collections actions, and settle your tax debt. We can offer you tax relief from collections actions and IRS examinations. We attack difficult tax situations and present solutions. If your tax returns are under examination, or you need to file an appeal, we can help. From start to finish we help you fight the IRS, get compliant on your taxes and get your life back on track! 

Tax Controversy, Difficult Tax Situations and Back Tax Issues

When dealing with the IRS, you should never do it alone. Taxpayers have the right to IRS Representation when actions are taken against them. Exercise your rights. Our tax practitioners know your taxpayer rights, understand the tax code and deeply research every case to reach the best possible outcome. So if you're facing difficult tax issues and not quite sure what to do... we've got you covered. We specialize in tax resolution and resolving income tax issues. We can assist you in Tax Examinations, Audits, Appeals, Debt Negotiation, Settlement, and other

tax resolution options.  We help individuals and businesses with their tax resolution needs.


Tax Debt Negotiation and Settlement

Owing a tax debt is a big deal! The IRS can ultimately go after your paycheck, your savings, retirement funds, property, and other assets. Liens, levies, wage garnishment, and loss of assets are a serious price to pay for your tax debt. Luckily, there's relief! 

Pro Tax Solutions offers many tax debt settlement options to individuals and businesses. There are NO cookie cutter options here...just solutions. We pride ourselves on finding solutions to suit each client's needs.

IRS Fresh Start Program 

The IRS Fresh Start program combines penalty relief, installment payments, lien releases, and a program known as Offer in Compromise that allows some taxpayers to settle their federal tax debts for less than what they actually owe and allow taxpayers to pay back taxes without liens and excess fees. If you owe $50,000 or less in back taxes, see if you qualify for relief under the Fresh Start Initiative today!

Individual and Business Consultation

At Pro Tax Solutions we want to find the right tax solutions to offer you tax relief. We offer customized strategy sessions, including a tax situation analysis and possible plans of action. Call and schedule your confidential tax strategy session today!

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